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As our population ages and our health care system groans, elders today are faced with difficult decisions and limited choices. AndoverLaw, P.C. attorneys are well versed in both the problems facing the elderly and the options available to them.

MassHealth (Medicaid) Planning
MassHealth laws are extremely complex. In many cases, their application deprives entire families of the fruits of their lifelong labors. When a family member needs nursing home care, AndoverLaw, P.C. works with elders and their families to legally and ethically preserve their hard earned nest egg. Obviously, the earlier that planning is started, the more successful the family will be at protecting their assets. However, unless savings and assets are entirely exhausted, it is almost never too late to start.

MassHealth (Medicaid) Applications
The process of applying for MassHealth is complex and fraught with traps. For a flat fee, your attorney will work with you to assemble the three to five years of information required, complete the application and litigate any necessary appeals.

Guardianship of Elders
All too often, dementia or other forms of mental illness afflict elder clients. AndoverLaw, P.C. attorneys are well versed in the process of obtaining guardianships and conservatorships, obtaining court authority for exceptional care including, if necessary, institutional confinement, anti-psychotic medications, and exceptional medically necessary intervention procedures.